Rorie Update: April 2015

This past week, a group of us traveled to Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey to film the “Restore” video. I’ve had a lot of people ask me “how on earth did you choose New Jersey?!” So I will tell you the story!

Our videographer, TJ Laury’s, parents live in this beautiful town full of fields, green grass, trees, and farms. I met up with TJ and his wife Sarah last March, and we spent a day location scouting. We initially planned to film the video in New York because that’s where most of the group lives. The tricky part was finding open fields and empty buildings (both of which we needed) that we were actually allowed to be in. After a day full of driving around, calling realtors, and facing a lot of rejection, we drove to Elmer, NJ to ask TJ’s parents if they knew anyone who might lead us to the right place. They sent us to a friend who owns a farm, and he sent us to another friend who owns a gem of a party barn, and that’s when it all started coming together. We had to clean out the barn building because a) it’s been a long winter and things are just now getting cleared out for the summer and b) when you clean it up it doesn’t look like a barn at all. The room was just what we were looking for in all of the expected and unexpected ways, from the great space for a dancer to move to the old, antique doors leaning against the walls (those were there already, crazy I know!).

Since this is only one song and video I’m not going to give too much away before we release the single (current goal date is around the end of May)!!! But I will share just a few behind the scenes iPhone photos from the shoot! Seeing thoughts in your head come to life is a surreal feeling. Thank you again to everyone who has been a part of this so far.

This spring is one of the craziest seasons of life for me, for great reasons, but I am currently booking as many shows as I can for this coming summer. Feeling more excited than ever to share new music with you soon!!! ❤

[Dancer = Jordan Ippolito, Videographer = TJ Laury, Onsite Photographer = Andy Paulissen, Singers = Rorie and Jenavene, PA = Matt Difransesco]


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