Rorie City Guide: Chincoteague Island

I’ve been using this hashtag on instagram for a while now: #roriecityguide. It’s been a way of documenting visits to new places. While I don’t currently travel on the regular, it’s still fun to be focused and to take in all of the details whenever I do go to a new place.

Steven and I had a gift card for a Bed and Breakfast, so we decided to visit Chincoteague Island in VA for a three-day weekend in May. It ended up being a bit rainy and cold, but still a great trip. I decided to gather some photos and stories from the weekend, in case you ever decide to visit and want some ideas on what to do!

The B&B (Island Manor House): This place was so cute! I hadn’t stayed in a Bed and Breakfast before (or at least, not that I can remember). We had the top attic room with slanted ceilings and window seats. This was my dream room as a kid (the only problem was that I kept hitting my head on the ceiling all weekend, and I’m only 5’2″).

The lobby, dining room, and outdoors were also lovely – reminding me of some fancy, ocean-y place in days past:


The Lighthouse: it’s not a secret that I love lighthouses. We’ve visited this one a few times before, so I have lots of photos of it. We took the very short 1/4 mile hike to see it once more. It wasn’t open to the public this time, but we have climbed the stairs and gotten a great view of the island in the past.


Wallops Island: NASA has a location here as well, and they were even planning a launch for that weekend! Unfortunately, they had to reschedule due to the weather. Many of the people who were staying at the bed and breakfast were there to see it. We did stop by the NASA museum, which is where they were preparing for the launch viewing. You can barely see it, but the launch pad is out there in the distance.


The Taco Place: (enough said)


Ocean City: Since it was rainy, very windy, and kind of chilly (not exactly ideal weather for sitting on the beach with a book), we decided to make the hour drive to the Ocean City boardwalk (in MD) on Saturday afternoon. Think arcades + boardwalk food + people watching:

Assateague Island: the Northern end of Assateague Island is located near Ocean City. This is usually the best place to see the wild horses – something that this island is famous for (any other Misty of Chincoteague fans?). If you drive slowly through the island (or get out and walk) then you will probably see them. They might even walk really close to your car, but don’t try to approach or pet them (we had some people ask us if they could touch or ride the horses, so figured I should clarify – not a good idea!)


A final note: there has definitely been talk about the island having a larger mosquito population than other places (they even have signs talking about how they are spraying for mosquitos when you enter the island). We visited in May when it was still a bit chilly and didn’t run into any problems. We’ve also taken day trips in July and August within the past few years and haven’t noticed anything significant. It seems like they’ve gotten things under control for the most part, but it’s something to keep in mind. (haha, I know, way to put a damper on the description of an otherwise beautiful and lovely place!)

Do you have any summer adventures planned? Last year we didn’t travel much except for weddings and work, so we have built in a couple of getaways this season, and the change in scenery makes a huge difference!




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